How To Help keep your Air Conditioning Running Costs Down

Air Conditioning is seen more and more as a necessity in an Australian summer than a luxury. Baratech Air Conditioning have been installing and servicing air conditioning within Sydney for over 30 years, however as electricity costs rise, so does the ongoing running costs. Baratech have prepared these quick tips to help minimise the average household running costs and still keep your home and family cool this summer:

1. For every 1°C you lower your air conditioner, you increase your running costs by approximately 10%. Ideally you should set your thermostat on the system to a comfortable temperature of 23°C to 25°C and allow the system to maintain this temperature.

2. Ensure that the cool air produced is not easily escaping. This means block off any rooms you don’t need to be cooling, seal any holes or leaks and use doorway snakes to trap cool air in.

3. Use block out shutters or blinds. Most heat within a room will come from the windows so blocking these as best you can ensures your air conditioner can efficiently reach and maintain the cool room temperature for as long as possible.

4. Install insulation within the home. This is a great way to ensure cool air doesn’t escape whilst blocking out heat at the same time.

5. Service your Air Conditioner regularly. This point cannot be emphasised enough. Your air conditioner will run at its peak efficiency if it is serviced regularly. Having a qualified air conditioner mechanic service your unit once a year will help ensure there are no refrigerant leaks, coil damage, filter blockages, duct leakage and general wear and tear.

Baratech can arrange for a technician to come to your home and help ensure your air conditioner is running at its peak efficiency. If you are considering installing a new air conditioner within the home, our technicians can advise on the type of system and size, measured in kilowatts (kW), to suit your home. For more information on installing or servicing your home air conditioner please contact Baratech Air Conditioning on 9875 3088 or visit